Thursday, 4 June 2009

Am back

Hi all, enjoying this lovely weather i don't like it too hot, with a bit of a breeze thats fine. I came back off holiday on sunday had a lovely time relaxing, but i didn't go out drinking i had tummy pains. I went the docs yesterday to explain to him i have been having trouble since i went into the change. So just waiting for a letter now from the ozzy to go for a scan on my ovaries.

My dad had a another fall on monday in his house, didn't go to ozzy he pressed the button he has life line, so they got in touch with me. He's fine now.

I havn't done any cards coz am doing invitations for a 18th it's a order.
Well i will love and leave ya now until my next post, so take care of yourself bye 4 now. Lin xx


June said...

Oh heavens kaylou I do hope your dad is ok, and you too!! Ive just had one of those scans, enlarged ovarian veins!! us poor women go through themill dont we. Well im missing your cards but you just take it easy darlin andenjoy the weekend huggies Jun exx

June said...

arent I awful darling, I really meant lin, im ever so sorry for the mix up with names,,,having a seniour moment lol xx