Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Hi! everyone. I have not kept up to date with my blog, is....I have been on holiday. Only went to Skegness, but it's a break...The weather wasn't much, had a few nice dayz, when it wasn't raining, and about 2 dayz of sun shine. I have a caravan next to Butlins site. The site am on is a private site. I can look out of the c/van window, and I can see the sea. But after a few dayz, I was getting board, with not doing any cards or blog hopping, so I started doodling, I will put them up soon. I have got to finish, menu's for me niece's wedding, a week on saturday, I have done all her wedding stationery. Then I have another order to do it's pocket Invitations for a 18th birthday. Have got 150 of them to do. Got no orders for cards yet. I will finish now so I can get these menu printed out, got 68 to do. So until my next post, bye 4 now.

Linda x

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