Friday, 8 August 2008


Hello everyone, well I got my garden done yesterday, got all the weeds up, what come up in between the flags. And then gave the boarder a little digging over, and trim some plants back abit. Going the cemetery today, to cut the grass, and clean the head stones, of my mums and daughter's. Need to do these jobs before I go away on sunday.....hope the weather is good for the week I am going.....I've put the freddy mercury card up, as it's my o/h's b/day next week, and I made this card for him, coz he loves his music. The 3 drawings I've put up aswel, I just mess about on paper sometimes, I know there not good, but I've just put them up on me blog for a laugh.....ha...ha....ha I will go now, until my next post, bye 4 now.

x linda x

doodle -3

doodle -2

doodle -1

freddy mercury

close-up of freddy.

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Janet said...

Your doodles are brilliant!X