Monday, 28 July 2008


Hello all, hope you have been enjoying this weather. I havn't been sitting out, to soak up the sun.......don't go brown anyway, go like a lobster....As I say I havn't been sitting out got some more cards to get finished and these are orders. Got to get these finished b4 I go away on the 10th. Going to Skeggy, so hope the week when am going is nice. The exploding box, I have done for the hairdresser, off me. Put a palm tree on, and a shell with a pearl inside, and a few star fish. There is 3 layers, to this Exploding Box, and all got Images on, and verses. I will finish now until my next post, bye 4 now, linda x thanks for looking.

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Vee said...

Hi Linda love the wedding box , well done bet she loves it. x Vee