Thursday, 24 July 2008


Hello, all, what lovely weather were having. On the right, I have put up a Lamb Banana, I took the photo of it on Tuesday, when I went to town. Went to look at the new shops at LIVERPOOL 1, very nice they are. Well this lamb banana, has Pete Price's name on it, and a few jokes. Pete comes on the radio on a sunday, and you can phone up and talk about any topic. But you get some idiots coming on, and they get Pete's back up and he takes off then.....shouting, calling names to the person who's on the phone, when he does this, me daughter and I are killing ourselfs with laughing. The radio is RADIO CITY 96.7

The card I have put up is a christening card, I've decoupaged the Image, and used a die-cut cross. Anyway thats all I have to say, until next time, bye linda x

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