Sunday, 20 July 2008


Hi am back again, said I don't know if I was coming on or not. Well just back on to put me card on here. The girl as been decoupaged, and glitter in a few places. The person who wants this card asked could I put vodka on the card, so I put a small Image of a bottle of vodka, hope she likes the card anyway. thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of your day. bye love Linda x

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Vee said...

Hi Linda great card.Thanks for stopping by my blog your my first commenting visitor. I'm new to this as well,did a blog in do crafts then decided to jump in the deep end and do one here. About the pic at the top of the page. I went into customise and theres a bit for a heading and a picture then down below you can click to put the pic on instead of the words. It might depend on the template you used for your blog. Mine is MS.MOTO. Hope this helps have a play around with customising it you can always change it back if you don't like it. Happy blogging. take care X Vee