Sunday, 7 June 2009

Natalie and Joanne

Natalie taking a pose! and her other sister in the chair, who is *Joanne* this is 2nd of triplet, Natalie and Joanne are triplets but the 3rd she died, her name was *Kirsty* thats why my blog is called *kirstysmyangel* Joanne also as learning difficulties but not as bad as *Natalie* Joanne also has mild Cerabal Palsey (don't know if spelt right) and also has fits. When they were born *Natalie* was 1lb 12oz, and *Joanne* was 1lb 14oz. *Kirsty* who i lost after 10days was 1lb 15oz. Joanne is mad on Liverpool F.C. she eats sleeps.......Liverpool all the time. Also loves Newcastle's accent.

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June said...

Hi darlin these photos are gorgeous, what a lovely family, will you mail me please I have something for you, poh and your daughter would love my geordie accent lol. xxx