Sunday, 10 May 2009

Niece's b/day card

Hello all, not been on for a few days been going over to me dad's to do cleaning, he's been getting a make-over on his house. The 2 guys from B&Q came on Tuesday and they didn't finish until Friday, still got to wait till Tuesday for the 2 kitchen doors what was missing. So i went over yesterday to wipe all down and put his dishes and what ever back in the cupboards. It's got to get tiled now under the units went to B&Q b4 to pick the tiles and a few other things from there. Am tired and am getting me orders in again now. Anyway onto the card, done this for my niece's 21st which will be on the 22nd may. If you leave a comment THANK YOU for doing so.
This is the inside of my niece's b/day card.

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helen said...

lovely card hon i'm sure youre neice will love it
helen x