Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Hi everyone, just come on now, been doing the front garden. I like to thank 'Sue' for giving me this award. It's the very 1st one i have had since doing a blogg, and i have had my blogg since last march 08. Sue is a very kind wonderful person, she helped me out on docrafts when the atc's were about and i didn't know what size the atc was. So i asked Sue and she told me and sent me some atc cards, and also swapped atc. I like to thank you again *SUE* for this, so take care hugs.

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sassy said...

aw darling its my pleasure to give you the award i love your blog and have always loved your work..fancy you remembering the atc days lol!!!!aw bless yer...shoe it with pride deserve it...hugs sassyxxxx