Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hello all, not been on for a long time, still got me dad staying in my house, if you scroll down i have wrote why my dad is here, plus we are decorating his house. Also been doing wedding stationery samples for my sister-in-law, so her daughter can show her mate who is getting married, she might not pick any. I havn't took any photo's of them yet as she still got hold of them, but when i get them back i'll take some photo's and put them up. I done 6 different designs, and in each design there is ( order of service, menu, wedding invitation, place card, save the date, and a thank you card ) the evening invitation i didn't do coz it will be the same as the wedding invitation. I have put 3 new cards up, these are orders. I will love and leave ya now, until my next post if you do leave a comment about the cards, i like to say THANK YOU for doing so. take care love Linda x

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carol said...

wow you are been a busy bee no
wonder you have not much time for blogging, x carol