Sunday, 4 January 2009


When i do a cot, i always put a little card with it. My sister-in-law, well her sister thats who as ordered this cot. I would love to wish all the bloggers a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and good health to you all. I have my dad staying with me, as a nearly lost him on the 13th December. He lives on his own, and he goes out for a couple of pints now and then. Well on the thursday he went out, had his drinks and then about 12 oclock he came home. He was putting the lock on the back garden gate, and he slipped, and fell over but he couldn't get back up. So from 12oclock a.m. till 2.15 p.m friday day, my dad was in the garden. I go round on a friday and i couldn't get in coz of the back gate being locked. So i could still see the back garden through the cracks in the gate. Then i noticed my dad's legs, laying on the floor. I called my o/h on the phone to get round to me dads quick, he did, he climbed over and open the gate, i thought my dad was dead. He was very cold, and he had 4 broken ribs, so he his in my house until his ribs get better the doctors said it will take about 8 weeks for the ribs to mend. The doctors said that my dad was a very lucky man, my mum must of been looking over him at that time. I will finish now until my next post, take care. Linda x

The cot is inside the box.

This is looking into the cot.

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Sarita said...

This cot is stunning Linda, I can only imagine the work that has gone into this.
I'm so sorry to hear about your dad, I just hope he is recovering now,
Love Sarita xx