Thursday, 9 October 2008


I went for a meal last nite, with my partner and my 3 daughters. It was my 2 daughters birthday yesterday, they turned 19. The one in the blue top, goes to the disk to learn IT, and other things....well she had a fit round about 3.30 in the disk, her dad went over to pick her up, and the staff was telling him what happened. My daughter said she was getting warm, so she was just getting up out the chair to go out side for fresh air, when she collasped. The staff said she was stiff and her eyes was rolling and she was shaking. Anyway my daughter said she was alright to go for a meal, but as time went on we finished our meal, we left the table and went and sat by the bar area we still had our drinks to finish, but my daughter then said, "I want to go home now, coz am tied." We had a nice nite and we enjoyed our meals.

My daughter has had fits in the past, the last one was 3 years ago when she was at school. I got to watch she doesn't get too hot, coz this what happens. She been alright today. I have put photo's up of last nite. There's a photo of the 2 of them, with there dad, and another with there sister, and 1 with me with them. Anyway I will finish now, until my next post so take care and thank you for looking.

linda x

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Vee said...

Lovely pics Linda , hope your daughter is feeling okay now. Hope it didn't spoil her birthday. x Vee