Friday, 31 October 2008


Hello everyone, not been on for a long time. Last week went to the c/van in Skeggy, and for last 3 weeks have not been feeling too good, 1st week had a bad cold and when I thought I was getting over that I caught another. Been getting sharp pains in me head and woke up tuesday morning and me right eye was blood shot, it's going now from me eye. So all this as knocked me from doing cards, i'v been doing bits now and then, which when i was ok I would be doing cards all the time, just putting this card up which it's for my nephew, background paper is off sweetshoppedesigns site, also the 2 stars, the image i stamped 5 times and decoupage it's DASH and it's a PENNY BLACK STAMP, coloured him in with watercoloured pencils. The photo i have put up is looking out of our caravan which you can see the sea. Also I put up sea lions which are in skegness, these are brought in to this centre to be look after, coz they have been washed up on the beach and they are sick or babies that cannot look after them selves. So when they get to a certain weight and they can feed them selves, then they go back into the sea. Thank you for looking and take care.

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