Saturday, 6 September 2008

La Machine (Giant Spider in L/pool)

Hi! went down town, to see the giant spider. LA MACHINE, well I stood by the Echo Arena, coz it was there, before it started to take a walk. Must be about 20+ people working with this machine. You had 3 sitting on top of it, and about 8 or 10 just below, the people who are on top. These people below are working the legs. Then theres another 2 people, who are driving, which the spider is attached to, this like car thing. Then men and women, are on the ground, holding plastic tape, these are in front of the machine, so they can move the crowd back abit. Also you had the people playing the music then, who were behind the spider. It was great to watch. Some work, has gone into that......tell ya. The photo's put up, is before it started walking, and when it was getting ready to walk.


nufc forums said...

dang that's one beast of a spider! haha

Vee said...

Great pics Linda saw this on the news a couple of days ago, Gigantic....wish I had seen it. Well done and thanks for explaining how it worked. x Vee

ps thanks for comment in my gallery today.