Sunday, 31 August 2008


Hi, everyone, went to a party last nite. It was my o/h well his niece's wedding yesterday. Didn't go in the day time, her dress was lovely, the reception, was nice to, and the food was lovely. Anyway she called people out, to whom she was giving a gift to, to say thank you to that person, for what they had done. Anyway she called my name, and I got these flowers off her, and she gave me a card, which had money in it. Got these for doing her wedding stationery. But I hate going up to get anything, coz am a shy person. Had my boogie, later on in the nite. But everything went ok. Got home about 1am. Will finish now just put the flowers up, to show you what I got. Until my next post take care.
x linda x

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Vee said...

Oh these are lovely bet you were really surprised. Well done. x Vee